Host Hotel is the Heathman Hotel

Heathman parking will be available for entrant’s vehicles beginning Friday July 12th, with Saturday delivery by carriers preferred.

Those cars arriving on Sunday July 14th will need to be delivered no later than 10 am PDT in order for them to be displayed at the Portland Art Museum by 11 am.

Portland Art Museum

1219 SW Park Avenue
Portland, OR 97205

There are several locations close by the Portland Art Museum and the Heathman that are suitable for delivery by transport trucks. However, please note there are large trees overhanging some of the streets that will require careful navigation.

Vehicles will be the responsibility of the entrants to move to the art museum display by 11 am and from the art museum display to the City Center parking garage for the Sunday night storage. Security will be posted overnight. 

Monday Tour start time is 8 am following breakfast and a brief drivers meeting.

Upon return to Portland and the Heathman Hotel on Thursday afternoon, vehicles will be directed by route instructions to return to the same City Center parking garage where security will be provided overnight.

Transport carriers may start picking up vehicles Friday AM near the Heathman Hotel.

For vehicles staying over for the Forest Grove Concours d’Elegance on Sunday July  21st, you will be responsible for parking and movements after Friday’s Heathman checkout.

Private trucks and trailers storage information will be available shortly.

Any transport questions should be directed to

Neil d’Autremont, at or 503-781-0183

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