SCM 1000

Open to all pre-1975 sports cars
June 11-16, 202

The 2023 SCM 1000 will operate out of the beautiful Davenport Grand hotel in downtown Spokane, centrally located in a diverse natural area.

Our tour will take us north skirting the Pend Oreille River Valley, the western foothills of the Rocky Mountains and to Metaline Falls, enjoying twisty roads, scenic treats, and an opportunity to see bald eagles, heron, swans, osprey, Canada geese, deer, elk, and even an occasional moose.   

Another day has us south into the grasslands of the beautiful Palouse region. These beautiful rolling hills, covered with wheat and barley, will be transitioning from their lush greens of spring to the dry conditions of harvest.  Through it all lie great roads that carve around and over these gentle landforms.

Heading east from Spokane we’ll skirt the western foothills of the Rockies as we wander into scenic, rugged Idaho panhandle enjoying the roads, hills, and lakes. When you follow the Pend Oreille and Priest rivers, you know the road is going to be scenic and fun. Lunching at Priest Lake, before winding our way back southwest in time to relax and clean up for a great dinner in Spokane.

Lastly, on our western travels we will enjoy the arid landscape with its unique bedrock landforms that tell a tale of floods from over 10,000 years ago, as well as Dry Falls, which was the world’s largest waterfall in its day.

We’ll explore the massive Grand Coulee Dam and this amazing mixture of geology while driving our wonderful cars on outstanding roads.  Join us on this unique adventure – see you in 2023!  

Three Takeaways From the SCM 1000

We’ve just completed our fourth SCM 1000, a thousand-mile tour for pre-1975 cars. There will be more about it in upcoming issues of SCM. But with my bags barely unpacked and the SCM cars still being put away, here are the highlights. First, riding with SCM contributor Ken Gross and

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