SCM 1000

The SCM 1000 began in 2018 as a celebration of Sports Car Market magazine’s 30th anniversary. After all – what better way to celebrate than with 80 fellow gear heads, in 50+ year old cars, bombing down 1000 miles of winding, two-lane roads.

It was so much fun, we decided to make it an annual affair.

The SCM 1000 is designed with an emphasis on the roads, the cars, and the camaraderie. Participants are encouraged to take their time, enjoy the scenery, stop for pictures, strengthen old friendships and make new ones, and really savor the journey.

All marques are invited to apply. The tour is open to cars built in 1999 and older, or continuation by application.

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For SCM Senior Editor Rory Jurnecka’s article on the most recent 2023 SCM 1000, click here: East Bound and Down

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